Indulge in the Richness of Cold Pressed Goodness

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Eat your way to Health

Shorten your food journey from farm to plate with the products we bring that are traditionally made to nourish the soul, mind and body.

Hi, we are Tani Naturals

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Our Farm to Bottle Story

Hand picked ingredients

Sun dried

Cold pressed

Manually filtered

Love from Tani Community

"Great consumable product out there. My family and I have been using these edible oils and just love it."

- Arvind Nagarajaiah

"Used Peanut oil for deep frying - the aroma, taste and texture is as authentic and pure as it can be".

- Ashwini Raghu

"The oils smells divine and there is a remarkable difference in flavour and scent when compared with the usual refined oils".

- Shruthi R

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